Forkstarter is an extremely for profit organization created to enrich the lives of independent game developers worldwide Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker.

Through purchasing one or more of the exquisite games below you too can contribute to the phenomenal wealth of Mr. Parker and usher in a new age of extravagant spending and unmitigated opulence the likes of which the video game industry has never seen. Mr. Parker thanks you for your time and invites you to join him on the Twitter as he publicly enjoys the vast fortune you the consumer is about to lay at his feet.

Also, nobody tell @Croteam, @Vlambeer, @Mediatonic, @GeneralArcade, @Dennaton, @MommysBestGames, @Teknobabel, or Flying Wild Hog that this sale is currently underway. They might get suspicious.

Due to budget constraints, Devolver Digital was unable to create a proper Forkstarter video. Instead, we present to you the music video to Notorious B.I.G.'s timeless classic Mo Money, Mo Problems

Stretch Goals

The following goals have been outlined by Mr. Fork Parker himself and illustrate what he will do with your hard earned cash. In no way does this imply you will have any access to these luxurious rewards. Truth be told, you won't.

$5.00 A Delicious Plate of Nachos

Cheeses, Sour Cream, Tomatoes, Guacamole, Ground Beef.

$500,000 A Velvet Covered Jet Ski

One super duper fast jet ski, covered in purple velvet.

$645,800 Baby Pegasus (used)

Technically it was already purchased but it would be super cool to get that cash back.

$1,000,000 A Personal Ninja Clan

8 - 12 highly-trained ninjas all wielding a different exotic weapon of great power. Must also be great dancers.

$5,000,000 An Active Volcano

Any volcano, must be active though.

$100,000,000 Half-Life 4

SPOILER: Gordon's dad is a head crab and you play as Raiden for most of the game.

A Buttload of Cash Dinosaurs!

Just like Jurassic Park explained, Mr. Parker will pull some sweet DNA science with amber and mosquitos or something and start breeding sweet ass dinosaurs to do his bidding.